GBC FORWARD: Our “Why” — “We are a church. In a community. Of people. Who don’t know Jesus. In 2017, and beyond”

Our mission is to be Gospel Forward. That doesn’t mean we only preach the New Testament gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John), it does mean that we place Jesus’s work on the cross for the redemption of lost people, the Great Commission to GO make disciples through the spread of the Gospel and to be a community of, and train others, who are obedient to the Word and Will of God — these (GOSPEL) ideas are (FORWARD) or prioritized and preeminent in all that we do.

GOSPEL FORWARD Response & Reflection. Our gathering as believers in celebration and worship services are a response to the work God has done in our lives. Our response of gratitude and celebration is focused on the Gospel. In our music, our teaching, our prayer – all are the appropriate response to who God is and what He has done. Scripture calls humanity God’s image bearers, which means we carry the potential to reflect the character and truth of God’s goodness when our lives are lived in worship and love. We bear witness in ourselves to who God is when we reflect the inward working of the Gospel in our hearts on the outside.

GOSPEL FORWARD Community. God has called those who have been redeemed to radical community with one another and a deeper “life-together” growth called discipleship. The church among the community is also called to be a city on a hill which means we seek a Gospel presence in the community around us – a place of hope and a beacon of truth in dark places. But, the church is not building, a place or a time, it is the people who are knit together in Gospel redemption and so we share all things in common and seek to live life together closely, intimately that we might encourage and exhort one another. Our gathering, at any time, in any place is a community sharing Gospel connection without borders or divisions.

GOSPEL FORWARD Multiplication – The spread of the Gospel can be done though the impact of individuals, churches, parachurch ministries, missionaries, mission societies etc. We don’t want to just grow the kingdom in our corner of Denver, we want the Kingdom to explode through multiplication. This is done through international missions effort supports, local launches to new ministries, empowering local churches and leaders to do the work of the gospel, and church planting — all that the Gospel might be spread further and more deeply through exponential growth.



We believe all of this is most effectively realized and ultimately known to us by, and through the Word of God as recorded and testified in Scripture. So the Bible is our supreme authority and we seek to know and understand God’s will for us through studying and searching His word together.